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Our Training Services in Bondi

Training services in Bondi


Personal Training

DirksHealth Personal Training Program is designed exclusively to fit your neeeds.

 Our tailored program is focused on providing a safe, effective, and enjoyable fitness journey that aligns with the unique needs and goals of adults in this age group.


Shared Personal Training

Personal Training with a friend is a great option for individuals who are looking to stay fit, motivated, and enjoy a social aspect while working out. It is also a great way to make Personal Training more affordable:


Small Group Training

Are you ready to redefine what's possible at any age? Discover the power of targeted training designed exclusively for those over 40 at DirksHealth. Our Small Group Training program is your ticket to achieving exceptional health and vitality in a supportive and dynamic environment.

Training services Bondi


Seniors Small Group Training

Embrace Vitality with Our Senior Small Group Training Program at Dirkshealth! 

Are you looking to enhance your well-being and stay active? Our Seniors Small Group Training program is designed exclusively for you! Join us at DirksHealth to experience a fitness journey tailored to your needs and aspirations.


KidsFit Small Group Training

DirksHealth KidsFit Small Group Training aims to provide a fun, engaging, and effective fitness experience for children, promoting physical activity, healthy habits, and overall well-being in a group setting. Our sessions include a mix of cardio, strength training, core stability, boxing and flexibility, that is enjoyable and effective.


Corporate Wellness Program

Our mission at DirksHealth is to empower organizations to create a healthier and more productive workforce by providing tailored and engaging wellness solutions that inspire employees to make positive lifestyle changes.



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“When I first came to DirksHealth 13 years ago I was approaching 40, overweight and out of condition. Within 3 months I lost 15kg and felt like a new person. I have kept coming back to DirksHealth all this time, kept the weight off and never looked back. I would recommend DirksHealth to anyone.”

Tony Holman
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“I came to DirksHealth to get fit and lose weight. In the first 4 months I lost 8.2kg ,my fitness has improved significantly and I feel fantastic. I think Dirk and the trainers are very professional and effective – I wish I had started earlier. The trainers mix up the training to make it enjoyable and the atmosphere in the gym is very pleasant.”

Tony Frumar
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“I have been training with Dirk for 25 years and would certainly recommend DirksHealth to a friend. I like DirksHealth because it has certainly helped me retain my fitness as I’m getting older, and I still feel pretty fit for my age.  Dirk is always been understanding of my needs and my age and he is a very caring person who listens if you have health issues and is a genuinely nice man.

Vivian Kalowski
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