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Our Story

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence: 

For over three decades, DirksHealth has been transforming lives, one workout at a time, building a community built on trust, experience, and unwavering commitment to your health and well-being.

 Why Choose DirksHealth? 

  1. Proven Expertise: With 30 years of experience, our dedicated team of trainers brings unparalleled knowledge and skill to every session. Benefit from the wisdom that only time can offer.

  2. Personalized Training: Whether it's one-on-one personal training or small group classes, we tailor every workout to your unique goals and fitness level. Your success is our priority.

  3. Community Connection: Join a family of members who have been sweating it out together for years. Forge friendships, find support, and enjoy the journey with like-minded individuals.

  4. Innovative Approach: While we embrace our legacy, we stay at the forefront of fitness trends. Our workouts blend time-tested techniques with the latest advancements for optimal results.

  5. Small Group Dynamic: Experience the energy of our small group classes where camaraderie and motivation thrive. The group atmosphere adds an extra layer of excitement to your workouts.

  6. Holistic Wellness: It's more than just lifting weights. We focus on holistic wellness, offering nutritional guidance, mindfulness practices, and stress relief strategies for a well-rounded approach.

  7. Results That Last: Our legacy isn't built on fads; it's built on transformations that last. We've witnessed countless success stories that have stood the test of time.

Experience the difference that 30 years of dedication makes. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just beginning your journey, DirksHealth welcomes you with open arms.

Remember, with DirksHealth, you're not just joining a gym; you're joining a legacy of well-being that spans over 30 remarkable years. Join us and let's create more success stories together!

Dirks Health



Dirk Hansen
Personal Trainer
Fraser Sayers
Personal Trainer
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