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Fraser Sayers
Fitness first personal trainer in Bondi

Fraser Sayers

Fraser Sayers

Personal Trainer
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Fraser is a curious health and fitness-loving personal trainer from Scotland, who has been on his own health and fitness journey since his early teens. He coached for his rugby club academy in Scotland and has helped many friends and family members successfully achieve their goals. Fraser is passionate about teaching his clients how to balance the key elements of movement, health, and performance in everyday life and athletic performance. Fraser Sayers is your dedicated Personal trainer in Bondi. Achieve your fitness goals with expert guidance and personalized workouts. Start your journey today!

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Introducing the DirksHealth Six Pillars of Health and Wellbeing method.

DirksHealth is here to help you stay fit and healthy beyond your sessions. Throughout your time at DirksHealth you will be able to expand your knowledge and skills in the following six pillars ; 

◉ Staying Active 

◉ Hydration​

◉ Nutrition (Wholefood Eating)​

◉ Mobility & Stretching​

◉ Sleep​

◉ Mindset


These are aspects of your life that are key to truly improving your lifestyle or to aid in maintaining your current healthy lifestyle. We will ensure you feel supported all the way with a program tailored to your needs and accountability checks at a time that suits you. Everyone has their own journey and everyone started from somewhere. 

With a DirksHealth program, you can expect;

◉ A tailored program to suit your plan or goal

◉ Weekly check-ins

◉ Accountability in a format that works for you ◉

◉ Guidance in lifestyle and/or nutrition ◉

◉ Workout sessions that promote functional, safe,creative movement.

Fraser Sayers Training
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