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fitness training bondi

DIRKS HEALTH - Fitness Training Bondi
Celebrating 30 years of providing the highest quality personal trainer services in Bondi


Let’s talk about your health and fitness goals

We understand that it can feel overwhelming to start a new fitness journey and we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Let's do this together!

Personal Trainer Bondi

Sam Skinner Testimonial

Dirk and his team are THE BEST in the business. Trust me I've tried a few. Not only do they look at your health holistically, but they also correct your technique to prevent injuries and gently push you with humor and encouragement to help you do more than you thought possible and most importantly get results. I originally trained with Dirk 22 years ago and then moved during that time I tried XXX and XXX which I enjoyed but they don't have the same education, experience, and dedication. I've been back with Dirk for the last 5 years and won't be going anywhere else.

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